How Many Slices in a Medium Pizza?

Medium pizzas are always quick and delicious meal solutions for a family party or friend’s gathering. However, the exact size and number of medium pizzas vary depending on the brand. If you don’t know how many slices in a medium pizza, you may end up leaving some friends without a single slice. A medium pizza generally contains 8 slices.

Read on to know the number of slices that comes in various brands of medium pizzas and the affecting factors of slicing. You’ll also learn the tips for getting more slices out of medium pizza and the number of people to serve.

How many Slices in a Medium Pizza

Typically, a standard-size medium pizza ranges from 12 to 14 inches in diameter and has 8 slices. Most of the chain pizzerias like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s offer medium size pizza in 8 slices. However, some pizzerias may slice their medium pizzas into six or even ten slices. For example, California Pizza Kitchen offers medium size pizza in 6 slices and Jet’s Pizza cut its medium pizza into 10 slices.

The toppings and crust type also influence the number of slices in a medium pizza. For example, pizzerias cut a medium pizza loaded with toppings into fewer slices to keep the toppings from falling off. On the other hand, they cut the thin-crust pizza into more slices for easier handling.

Many chain pizzerias also allow requests the custom slicing. So if you think 8 slices of medium size pizza isn’t enough for your group, order your desired slices. Alternatively, you can also cut the medium pizza into your desired slices depending on the friends to serve.

Below is a table of medium pizzas from various Pizzeria along with the number of slices:

BrandPizza SizeNumber of Slices
Domino’s12 inch Pizza8
Pizza Hut12 inch Pizza8
Papa John’s12 inch Pizza8
Little Caesars12 inch Pizza8
California Pizza Kitchen    13 inch Pizza6
Marco’s Pizza12 inch Pizza8
Round Table Pizza12 inch Pizza8
Hungry Howie’s12 inch Pizza8
Papa Murphy’s12 inch Pizza8
Jet’s Pizza14 inch Pizza10

The Average Weight and Size of a Medium Pizza

The size of a medium pizza typically ranges from 12 to 14 inches in diameter. However, this can vary depending on the pizzeria. For example, the medium pizza from Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s is 12 inches. But California Pizza Kitchen offers 13 inch medium pizza while Jet’s Pizza offers 14 inch once.

In terms of weight, a medium size pizza weighs around 14 to 24 ounces depending on the brands and toppings. For example, Domino’s medium size cheese pizza weighs around 14 to 16 ounces, and a pizza with multiple toppings weight up to 20 ounces.

A medium cheese pizza from pizza hut weight about 15 to 17 ounces while multiple toppings increase the weight up to 22 ounces. Similarly, papa john’s medium cheese pizza is around 16 to 18 ounces, and pizza with multiple toppings weight up to 24 ounces.

Apart from that a single slice weight around 2 to 4 ounces depending on the thickness of the crust and toppings.

Factors that Affect the Number of Slices in a Medium Pizza

Number of Slices in a Medium Pizza

The following are some factors that determine how many slices a medium pizza should be:

Pizzeria’s Standard Practice

Different pizzeria slices pizza differently. So you may have eight slices of medium pizza from some pizzeria and six or ten from another.

Custom Slicing Requests

Many customers have preferences for a specific number of slices. So they request custom slicing during placing an order. Pizzerias accommodate this special request happily. Hence you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice two waiters from the same pizza shop serving two different numbers of slices of the same medium pizza.


The amount and types of toppings largely influence the slicing of pizza. A pizza with loaded toppings comes in fewer slices while a pizza with fewer toppings comes in more slices. pizzerias cut pizza keeping the risk of toppings sliding off in mind.

Crust Type

Likewise, the toppings, and crust also impact the number of slices in a medium pizza. Pizzerias usually cut a thin-crust pizza into more pieces and thicker crust pizza into fewer.

Regional Differences

In some regions, pizzerias cut the pizza into a different number of slices depending on local preferences and cultural influences. For example, Italian cook different styles of pizza and they have different consumption habits than the United States. So, Italian pizzerias cut their pizza differently than the USA.

Tips for Getting More Slices out of Medium Pizza

Following are some potentials ways to get more slices out of a medium pizza to satisfy a hungry crowd:

Request Custom Slicing

It’s the simplest way to get more slices out of a single pizza. Since most pizzeria allows ordering custom-slicing pizza, you can place an order depending on the guest to serve. This way you can serve at least one slice to each friend to satisfy their pizza appetite.

Opt for Thin Crust

Thin-crust pizzas are easier to slice into more pieces than thicker ones. Thin-crust pizzas are also less dense and more suitable to make into smaller pieces without sliding off the toppings. So if you are planning to share a medium pizza among more friends, choose thin crust pizza.

Choose the Right Toppings

Select toppings with medium pizza those are easier to cut through and stay in place during slicing. Don’t choose overly heavy or slippery toppings as these can fall apart easily during slicing the pizza into smaller pieces. Instead, opt for ingredients that provide flavour and don’t compromise the structural integrity of your medium pizza.

Use a Pizza Cutter at Home

If you want more control over the number of a slice of your medium pizza, cut the pizza at home. After receiving the pizza, cut it into your desired number of slices using a pizza cutter. This way you’ll have the freedom to get unique slice sizes and shapes and can serve the right amount to adults and children.

You can also follow some techniques to get more slices out of your medium pizza during cutting at home. Slice the pizza diagonally instead of cutting it into traditional wedges. This technique will provide you with a smaller and more number of pieces. However, this technique is more suitable for thin-crust 8 inch pizza.

Another method is that you can cut the medium pizza into rectangular pieces instead of traditional triangular slices. This method is more suitable for square or rectangular pizzas like Sicilian-style pies.

How Many People can Feed a Medium Size Pizza?

A medium pizza usually has 8 to 10 slices and it’s good enough to serve 3 to 4 adults. So if you’re hosting a pizza night with your friends, you can confidently order a medium size pizza. A medium pizza is also good enough to serve two adults and three children.

How Many People can Feed a Medium Size Pizza

So you can easily celebrate a family party, birthday party, or any special occasion with your family by ordering a medium pizza. Even you mightn’t need any side dish with medium pizza during serving 3 to 4 adults. Apart from that you can medium pizza to enjoy a special moment with your partner. Don’t worry about the leftover as you can freeze them for months.

How Many medium Pizzas Do I need for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 People?

You can follow a 3/8 rule to determine the number of medium pizzas you should order. Assume, each guest will eat three slices and a medium size pizza has around 8 slices. with this rule, the following number of pizzas you’ll require for your various number of quests:

Number of GuestRequired Number of Pizza

Remember, you may need to order more or fewer pizzas based on the appetite level of your guest.

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FAQs on Number of Slices in a Medium Pizza

Which are bigger 2 medium pizzas or 1 large?

Considering the standard sizes, two medium 12 inch pizzas have more amount than one 14 inch single pizza. It’s true for both thin and thicker-crust pizza.

How Many Slices in A Frozen Type Medium Pizza?

Like the standard pizza, the number of slices in a frozen-type medium pizza varies depending on the brand. However, most frozen-type medium pizzas have 8 slices.

How many medium pizzas do I need for 25 kids?

In general, you’ll require one slice per child if they are 5 years old or below. In this case, you will need three to four medium pizzas to serve 25 children. But if the child is older than 5 years, they may require two extra slices per every six children. Hence you may need to order two more medium pizzas.

Final Words

Hope you’ve understood how many slices in a medium pizza and perfectly calculated the number of medium pizzas to serve your quest. Whether you are hosting a family party or inviting friends, don’t forget to order more pizza than required. The reason is that you don’t know the exact appetite level of every guest. And you shouldn’t take a risk when you can freeze the leftover. 

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