How Many Slices in a 14 inch Pizza?

Want to have a pizza night with family or friends, but confusing about the servings? If you would know how many slices in a 14 inch pizza, you could order the right number. You can expect 8 or 10 slices in a standard 14 inch pizza.

The slice number can be 6 or even 12 based on the pizza shop you order from. Read on to understand the number of slices that comes in various brand’s pizza. We’ll also discuss how many calories are in 14 inch pizza, how many people to serve, and when you should order 14 inch pizza.

How Many Slices in a 14 inch Pizza?

The number of slices in 14 inches of pizza varies. So you can have 6,8, 10, or even 14 slices from 14 inch pizza. However, most 14 inch pizza comes in 10 slices and it’s the easiest way to cut 14 inch pizza. 

In terms of styles, Brooklyn-style pizza is popular for its XL slices. So you can have only 8 slices from such a style 14 inch pizza. Other styles like 14 inch deep dish pizza have 10 slices. These types of pizzas are sliced into squares instead of triangles to help serve more people.

If you consider the brand, the most popular pizza brand offers 14-inch pizza in 6 to 8 slices. You may ask How many slices in 14 inch pizza at Domino’s or How many slices in a 14 inch pizza at Papa Johns’s? The answer is the same. Both Domino’s and Papa john’s offer 14 inch pizza in 8 slices.

But other popular pizza brands like California pizza kitchen and Freschetta offer 14-inch pizza in 6 slices.

The best thing is these slice numbers aren’t fixed. Most pizza places like Domino’s, Pizza hut and Papa John’s accommodate requests for a specific number of slices. It means you can ask the pizza place to cut your 14 inch pizza depending on the number of a friend you have.

You can have 12 or 14 slices of 14 inch pizza to share among all friends or quest. Just mention your preferred number of a slice when placing the order of 14 inch pizza. Otherwise, you can expect 10 slices 14 inch pizza.

Slices in Different Brands 14 inch Pizza

Below is a table of different brands 14 inch table along with the pizza name and slices number:

BrandPizza NameSlices
Domino’sLarge Hand-Tossed Pizza8
Pizza HutLarge Pan Pizza8
Papa John’sLarge Original Crust Pizza8
Little CaesarsLarge Classic Pizza8
California Pizza Kitchen14-inch Hand-Tossed Pizza6
Sbarro14-inch New York-Style Pizza6
Marco’s PizzaLarge Classic Crust Pizza8
Round Table Pizza14-inch King Arthur’s Supreme8
DiGiorno14-inch Rising Crust Pizza6
Freschetta14-inch Brick Oven Crust Pizza6

Calories in a 14 inch Pizza

A 14-inch pizza’s total calories vary depending on crust type, toppings, and portion size. In terms of the crust type, a 14-inch thin crust pizza contains fewer calories compared to a thick or pan crust of the same size. 14 inch thin crust pizza usually has around 1800 calories and thick-crust cheese pizza contain around 2,400 calories where 10 inch pizza contain only 1000 calories. 

Toppings also have a great impact on the pizza’s calorie count. In general, vegetables add minimal calories. Protein right toppings like sausage, pepperoni, and bacon increase the calorie count significantly. For example, a 14 inch thin crust pizza with pepperoni boosts the calorie count to around 2200 calories. But you can get up to 3000 calories from a supreme pizza loaded with various toppings.

Typically 8 slices of 14 inch thin crust cheese pizza have around 225 calories. If you want to maintain a controlled diet, eat only one or two slices. Add some vegetable dish or side salad to increase the satiety keeping the calorie intake in control.

How Many People Does a 14 inch Pizza Feed?

You can feed 14 inch pizza to 3 to 5 people. While 4 people will be completely satisfied, 14 inches of pizza can be insufficient for 6 people.

How Many People Does a 14 inch Pizza Feed

But if you want to serve 14 inch pizza among kids, you can feed 5 to 7 kids. Children usually need one to two pieces and adults require 2 to 3 slices. You can cut the pizza into many pieces and serve a small group of children. Likewise, a 14-inch pizza is sufficient for a small family of 4 to 5 people.

People’s appetite also plays a crucial role. So, if you want to serve 14 inch pizza among quest, always consider side dishes. If you are planning to host a casual party or birthday party, buy the extra pizza that requires. This way you can satisfy the guests who want extra pieces or freeze the leftover.

Below is a table of various pizza sizes along with the slices they come with and recommended serving numbers:

Pizza SizeSlicesRecommended servings
Small61 to 2
Medium or Regular82 to 4
Large103 to 5
Extra Large124 to 8

Discover the Perfect Time for a 14 inch Pizza

Following are some scenarios when ordering a 14 inch pizza will be worthwhile for you:

14 inch Pizza

Gather Friends and Family for a Feast

If you want to host a small gathering of family or friends, you can order 14 inch pizza. 14 inch pizza is a perfect size to feed 4 to 6 people comfortably and satisfy everyone with one or two slices. this way you can make the event memorable and joyful.

Fuel Up for Game Night or Celebrate a Special Occasion

14 inch pizza is the perfect fuel for an evening of friend completion of a night game.  So you can confidently order a 14 inch pizza to enjoy a video game and board or celebrate a birthday party or anniversary. You can also cheer on your favorite team during a big sports event with 14 inch pizza.

Treat Yourself on a Lazy Day

Though 14 inches of pizza is more than enough for a single person, you can finish it up during the holiday. You can make a cozy movie night or binge-watch your favorite series even more enjoyable by savoring a delicious cheese pizza. It is also a perfect treat to share with a partner.

Experiment with New Toppings

14 inch pizza is a good option to try new toppings and combinations. Even you can experiment in different pizza shops by ordering 14 inch pizza. This way you can discover a new favorite pizza flavor.

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Is 14 inch pizza enough for 2 people?

Usually, you can serve 14 inch pizza to up to 5 people. So 14 inch pizza should be more than enough for 2 people even if they have big appetites.

How many people does Dominos 14 inch feed?

Domino’s 14 inch pizza is hand tossed, comes in Brooklyn style, and has a thin crush. It’s the perfect size for feeding a small hungry group. You can easily serve domino’s 14 inch pizza to 3 to 5 people.

Is 14 inch pizza large or medium?

14 inch pizza is considered a large pizza and it offers around 10 slices. While medium size pizza runs 12 inches, 16 and 18 inch pizzas are considered extra-large pizzas.

Final Words

So, how many slices are in 14 inches of pizza? You can expect from 6 to 10 slices in 14 inch pizza. But if you have more quests to serve, mention the number of slices you require during ordering 14 inch pizza.

Apart from that 14 inch pizza is the perfect size to serve at a party or small occasion and make everyone satisfy. It doesn’t also offer excessive calories per slice, making the 14 inch pizza ideal for health-conscious people.

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