How Many Slices are in a 10 inch Pizza?

Planning to serve 10 inch pizza to your quest or for a solo feast? Don’t know how many slices are in a 10 inch pizza? 10 inch pizza has 6 slices. The actual number of slices of 10 inch pizza varies based on the brand and size of the pizza. You can also slice the pizza depending on the friends and family members to serve.

Read on to understand the number of slices, servings, and calories are in different brands of pizzas and the slicing factors.

How Many Slices in a 10 inch Pizza

Usually, 10 inch pizza is considered a small size and it comes in 8 to 10 inches in diameter. It comes in around 6 to 8 slices. However, the actual slices of 10 inch pizza vary depending on brands, thickness, topping items, and preferences. If you order 10 inch pizza from Domino’s, you should expect 6 slices. But you’ll get 8 slices if you order 10 inch pizza from Papa John’s.

You can have 10 slices from 10 inch pizza if it is thicker and top it with heavier items. You can also slice the pizzas depending on the number of people to serve.

 Below is a table of different brand’s 10-inch pizzas and the number of slices they typically come in:

BrandNumber of Slices
Pizza Hut6
Papa John’s8
Little Caesars8
California Pizza Kitchen6
Blaze Pizza6
Marco’s Pizza8
Round Table Pizza8
Jet’s Pizza8

How Many Servings are in a 10 inch Pizza?

A chef at a restaurant often cut 10 inch pizza into 6 slices and two slices are enough as one serve. So you can serve 10 inch pizza to 2 to 3 people. Again it depends on the person’s need and the thickness of the pizza. If you talk about the late wrestler Andre the Giant, one 10 inch pizza wouldn’t be enough.

How Many Servings are in a 10 inch Pizza

Likewise, Italian pizzas are very thin and made of 80 grams of hydrated bread dough. But if you need to serve a 10 inch pizza among a group of 6 people, you should consider some side dishes. You can combine broccoli, breadsticks, pasta, wing, or salad with 10 inch pizza.

Below are various size pizzas from Dominos pizza and Pizza hut along with the slices and the number of people to serve:

Pizza SizeSlices NumberNumber of People to Serve
10″ inch Pizza6 slices2-3 people
12″ inch Pizza8 slices3-4 people
14″ inch Pizza8 or 10 slices3-5 people
16″ inch Pizza6 or 12 slices5-6 people
18″ inch Pizza6 or 12 slices6-7 people

Factors that affect the Number of Slices in a Pizza

Typically, a chef slices pizzas considering these factors:

Size of the Pizza and Slices

The pizza size is the key factor that determines how many slices it should be. Obviously, you’ll have more slices from 10 inch pizza than from 6 inch pizza. The larger the pizza, the more number of slice you can cut from it. 

The size of the slice is also an impactful factor. You can get 4 larger slices from 10 inch pizza or 6 smaller slices based on your preferences. 


Toppings have a significant impact on the pizza experience. It largely controls the number of slices, the weight of the slices, and the distribution of flavors.

For example, when slicing, you want to have sweet pineapple with savory ham or a mix of vegetables in every slice to maintain delightful contrast and add a variety of textures. Hence you need to cut the slices to maintain the balance of flavors and textures. Let’s discuss briefly:

The Perfect Weight and Size

If you pile on too many toppings and make the slice bigger, the slice of the pizza can become heavier and more difficult to handle. Similarly, your family member or guest may want more if you pill on too few toppings on the pizza and cut it into smaller pieces.

Another thing to remember is that thinner crusts require fewer toppings and thicker crusts can handle more toppings.

Achieve Even Topping Distribution

How would you feel if all the toppings slid off during picking up a slice of pizza? This can happen if you can’t cut the pizza based on the toppings. You should slice the pizza in a way that ensures evenly distributed toppings across it. Space out heavier ingredients, like meat and cheese, and evenly sprinkle smaller toppings, like vegetables and herbs. This way you can enjoy a consistent flavor and taste in every slice and bite.

Calories of 10 inch Pizza

10 inch Pizza

The number of calories in 10 inches of pizza varies based on the brands and top items. So if you are conscious about health, ask the restaurant for the calorie information when ordering pizza. A slice of crust cheese pizza from Papa John’s is equivalent to 180 calories.

Their epic stuffed crust cheese pizza slice offers 360 calories. However, you can expect around 1000 calories from typical 10 inch pizza. 

How to Cut a 10 inch Pizza into 6, 8, and 10 Slices

As mentioned, you can cut 10 inches of pizza depending on the guest or family member to serve. Even you can slice 10 inch pizza at home using easily accessible accessories like a pizza cutter, a sharp chef’s knife, and a pair of kitchen scissors.

Each pizza cutter offers a different level of control and precision. Following we’ll share all the techniques to cut pizzas into conventional 6, 8, and 10 pieces. This should help you serve 10 inch pizzas among friends maintaining test and texture in every slice.

Clean and Prepare the Workspace

Before you start cutting 10 inch pizza into slices, clean and prepare the work area. It means wiping down the cutting board and cleaning the countertop. Pick a sharp cutting tool to cut the pizza smoothly.

Find the Pizza Center

Gently press your finger on the edge of your 10 inch pizza and move your finger toward the middle. This way you’ll mark the center of the pizza and use the center as a reference for even slices.

Cut into 8 Slices

To cut your 10 inch pizza using a pizza cutter, firstly, roll the pizza cutter from one edge to the other of the pizza through the center. Then rotate your 10 inch pizza 180 degrees. Repeat the rolling process to create 4 even slices out of your 10 inch pizza. Final cut every slice in half and you’ll get 8 evenly sliced pizzas.

If you don’t have access to a pizza cutter, you can use a sharp chef’s knife or kitchen scissors to cut your 10 inch pizza into 8 slices. The technique is the same.

Cutting the Pizza into 6 Slices

Place your pizza on a clean cutting board and cut it in half vertically. Now you should have two halves.  Then cut each half into three equal slices using the desired tool to make a total of six slices. To ensure equal slices, cut the slices vertically at 60-degree angles from the center of each half.

Cutting the Pizza into 10 Slices

Put your 10 inch pizza on a cutting board and cut it vertically to get two halves. Then cut each slice into five equal slices. To do this, make two more vertical cuts at 45-degree angles from the center of the half. Cut the other half into five equal slices in the same manner. You’ll now have a total of ten slices.

Serve and Enjoy

After cutting your 10 inch pizza into the desired slices, transfer them to a plate or serving tray. Finally, Share your perfectly sliced pizza with friends and family,

When should you order a 10 inch Pizza?

Many people suggest buying a large-size pizza instead of two medium or three small-size ones. But this idea isn’t always ideal. As you know 10 inch pizza is perfect to serve three people. Apart from that, you can serve 10 inch pizza to one adult and two children. You can also feed 10 inch pizza to two adults and one child. 10 inch pizza is also a good choice for some experiments or fulfilling one’s specific needs.

So if you want to try a new pizza restaurant or serve something different to a family member than others, you can order 10 inch pizza. 10 inch pizzas are perfect to check out different flavors and pick the best one. It won’t let you leave leftovers during the experiment.

FAQs on How Many Slices are in a 10 inch Pizza

Is 10-inch pizza enough for 2 people?

A 10 inch pizza is a small size pizza and it’s good enough for 1 to 2 people. You can even feed 10 inch pizza to 3 people based on their hunger and appetite level.

Is 10 inch pizza large or medium?

8 inch pizza to 10 inch pizzas are considered small pizzas and yield around 6 slices. 12 inch pizzas are medium sizes and 14 inch pizzas are considered large sizes.

How big is the 10 inch pizza?

10 inch pizzas come in 10 inch or 25 centimeters diameters. These sizes of pizzas are also known as personal pizzas or individual-sized pizzas.

Final Words

The number of slices in a 10-inch pizza can vary depending on the brand, size of the pizza, and the preference of the individual. Popular pizza brands cut their 10 inch pizza into 6 or 8 slices. But you can cut 10 inch pizza into more or fewer slices based on the people you want to serve. So you can have various numbers of slices from a 10-inch pizza.

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