How Big is a 10 inch Pizza?

A 10 inch pizza may sound relatively small, but its size can be quite deceptive. 10 inch pizza is both big enough to satisfy your cravings and small enough to make you crave more. If you don’t know how big is a 10 inch pizza, you may make mistake ordering the right quantity and end up ruining the party or gathering.

Typically 10 inch pizza is 10 inches in diameter and its actual size varies based on plenty of factors.  In this article, we will explore the dimensions, calories, and servings of various brands’ 10 inch pizzas and compare them with other sizes. So let’s reveal!

What Size is a 10 inch Pizza?

10 inch pizza is neither too big nor too small, making it a popular choice among pizza lovers. In terms of size, the actual size of 10 inch pizza varies depending on the thickness of the crust of the pizza, the amount of cheese, the type of toppings, and the number of slices.

A standard 10 inch square pizza is 10 inches in length on every side and has 100 square inches of area. Likewise, a 10 inch round pizza has around 78.5 square inch area.

Considering the brands, Papa John’s 10 inch pizza has around 11 inches or 28 cm in diameter and 420 square centimeters in area. It’s slightly larger than the other brand’s 10 inch pizza, making it perfect for serving 1 to 2 people as a light meal. It comes in 8 slices.

Domino’s 10 inch pizza has around 9.8 inches in diameter and comes in six slices while pizza hut’s 10 inch pizza has 10.2 inch diameter. Both of these pizzas as perfect for sharing with 1 or 2 people as a light meal or snack.

Likewise, little caesars’ 10 inch pizza has 9.8 inch diameter and comes in 8 slices. The 10 inch pizza from pizza express has 9.1 inch diameter and comes in 6 slices.

Apart from that, if you cut 10 inches of pizza into 6 slices, each slice will be around 13.3 inches. It’s a perfect slice to enjoy a balance of crust and toppings with each bite.

Various brands’ 10 inch Pizza Size

Below is a table of various brands 10 inch pizzas along with the diameter, servings, and slices they come in:

BrandPizza SizeServesSlicesDiameter
Domino’ssmall1 to 269.8 inch or 25 cm
Pizza HutSmall1 to 2610.2 inch or 26 cm
Papa John’sSmall1 to 2811 inch or 28 cm
Little CaesarsSmall1 to 289.8 inch or 25 cm
Pizza ExpressStarter169.1 inch or 23 cm
Papa Murphy’sMini1 to 269.8 inch or 25 cm
Blaze PizzaPersonal1610 inch or 25 cm
California Pizza KitchenSmall1 to 269.8 inch or 25 cm
Marco’s PizzaSmall1 to 2810. 25 inches or 26 cm
Pizza innSmall1 to 269.8 inch or 25 cm

Comparisons of 10 inch Pizza with Other Difference Sizes

Comparing 10 inch pizza with other sizes will give you a clear understanding of what and how much you’ll get:

10 Inch Pizza vs 12 Inch Pizza

12 inch pizza is the next bigger size of 10 inches. Though it seems a bit bigger, 12 inch pizzas are around 43% bigger than 10 inch ones. 12 inch pizzas also typically have two more slices, however, each slice is around 1 inch smaller than 10 inch pizza slice.

10 Inch Pizza vs 14 Inch Pizza

14 inch pizza is considered a large pizza while 10 inch is small. A 14 inch pizza is almost double than 10 inches and suitable for serving 3 to 4 people.

10 Inch Pizza vs 16 Inch Pizza

A 16 inch pizza is around 2.5 xs bigger and has 2.5x more slices than 10 inch pizza. It’s also suitable for serving 3 to 4 adults.

10 Inch Pizza vs 18 Inch Pizza

18 inch pizza is considered as the extra large pizza and is 3x larger than 10 inch pizza. It typically has 12 slices and is perfect for serving 4 to 6 adults.

How Many People does a 10 inch Pizza Feed

How Many People does a 10 inch Pizza Feed

The number of people you can serve 10 inch pizza depends on the individual’s appetite, the type of crust, and the presence of additional side dishes. In general, 10 inch pizza yields 6 to 8 slices, making it perfect for satisfying 2 to 4 people with average appetites. But if you want to serve 10 inch pizza in a group with larger appetites, plan for side dishes.

The presence of side dishes can significantly impact the number of people you can feed 10 inch pizza. So you can serve various appetizers, salads, and other accompaniments along with smaller portions of pizza to satisfy your guest.

This way you can serve 10 inch pizza to up to four people. But if you want to serve only the pizza to your guest, you have to order more number.

But if you are hosting a birthday party and most of your guests are children, you can feed more children than adults. In general, you can serve 10 inch pizza to 4 to 6 children.

Below is a table of various sizes of pizza along with the total size, slices, and servings:

SizeSlicesTotal SizeServings
Small or Personal479 square inches1 to 2
Medium6113 square inches2 to 3
Large8154 square inches3 to 4
Extra large10201 square inches3 to 5
Jumbo12254 square inches4 to 6

Nutrition of 10 inch Pizza

Typically 10 inch pizzas have around 1100 calories. However, the amount of pizza you can get from 10 inch pizza varies depending on the brand, pizza’s base, sauce, toppings, and more. Let’s get the details:

Nutrition of 10 inch Pizza

The Base of the Pizza

The type of crust or dough significantly impacts the total calorie count. Thin-crust pizza generally has fewer calories than thicker, pan-style crusts. For example, 10 inch thin crust pizza contains about 800 calories while 10 inches thicker crust has around 1200 calories.

The Sauce

Traditional tomato-based sauces are low in calories and rich in vitamins. Conversely, creamy or cheese-based sauces are rich in calories. so if you eat tomato sauce with 10 inch pizza, you’ll get an extra 50 to 100 calories. You’ll get 200 or more extra calories if you eat white or alfredo sauce with 10 inch pizza.


Cheese is an important ingredient in pizza and plays a significant role in pizza’s overall calorie count. A single ounce of whole-milk mozzarella adds around 90 calories, while reduced-fat mozzarella adds around 70 calories. If your 10 inch pizza has 4 to 6 ounces of pizza, you’ll get 280 to 540 calories from this ingredient.


Vegetables, such as bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach, are low in calories and provide essential vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, processed meats like pepperoni, sausage, and bacon are rich in calories and saturated fat. If you are looking for healthier toppings, add grilled chicken or shrimp to your 10 inch pizza.

Now you can easily estimate the total calories and nutritional value of a 10-inch pizza by adding the approximate values of the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings.

For example, a thin crust 10 inch pizza with tomato sauce, part-skim mozzarella, and vegetable toppings will have around 1,000 to 1,200 calories. In contrast, a thick crust 10 inch pizza with creamy sauce, whole-milk cheese, and processed meats may have around 1800 calories.

A 10-inch pizza typically yields six to eight slices. If you are concerned about health, try to limit your intake to one or two slices per meal. This way, you can enjoy your pizza without overindulging in calories.

Below is a list of various-size pizzas along with their approximate total calories:

SizeInchesTotal Calories
Small or personal10 inch1100 calories
Medium12 inch1583 calories
Large14 inch2155 calories
Extra large16 inch2815 calories
Jumbo18 inch3563 calories

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FAQs on How Big is a 10 inch Pizza

Is a 10 inch pizza large or medium?

8 to 10 inch pizza usually considers small pizzas and they have six slices. 10 inch pizza also known as personal pizza as any individual can enjoy it anytime he/she wants.

How much does a 10 inch pizza cost?

The price of 10 inch pizza varies depending on the brand and may change frequently. Typically a 10 inch pizza cost around $8.

How to store leftover pizza?

You may hardly have leftover 10 inch pizza. If you are a light eater and have some leftovers, simply wrap the pizza in plastic wrap. Then place it in a refrigerator to enjoy after up to 4 days. Apply this trick if you have leftovers within 2 hours of cooking the pizza. If it’s more than 2 hours, keep the pizza in a freezer to enjoy after 3 months.

Final Words

So, how big are 10 inches of pizza? 10 inch pizza is typically 10 inches in diameter and it’s the perfect size to enjoy alone or with a partner. Hence 10 inch pizza is the most popular choice both for its size and price.

But if you are hosting a large party, opt for a larger size pizza to satisfy everyone’s pizza appetite at a minimal price. Otherwise, you’ve understood how much pizza and calories you’ll get from 10 inch pizza.

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